35 or 15

05 April 2014
bedroom wardrobe-shelves
bedroom wardrobe-shelves (Photo credit: Daveybot)
I think something has happened to me. Somehow I have reverted back to being a teenager. At least that's what you would think if you looked in my bedroom. There's even a fuzzy, furry pillow with an owl on it on my bed, along with four pillows. It's not the most adult bedroom ever. The only real giveaway lies in the various medication and supplement bottles on various surfaces. Teenager meets old lady decor!

Pillows are necessary for your head, body, to pile on the other side. There are dirty clothes strewn about here and there. Then the clean ones, but they are actually folded. Okay, most of them are. There's a pile on the side of my bed that's unoccupied. The rest of the clean ones are folded in a basket. The dirty clothes hamper is hidden in the closet and MOST of the dirty stuff makes it in there. Other than socks; I don't know what happens with them. The trash can needs to be emptied and the trash bag next to it needs to do too. Dusting needs to happen. Heck, a lot of tidying needs to happen. It's crowded and chaotic, shoving 15 years of living into one room is difficult. I even have a calendar featuring hot cowboys. This is the only decor outside of my various owls shoved here and there. Books are filling shelves, laid on every horizontal service, and piled high stacked on the floor. Sometimes the bed gets made, sometimes not. It's messy, but for now it's home. It's me.

Is your room all grown up? Are there stray socks on the floor? Or is everything in it's place and your bed all made up?

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