Bad for Me

01 May 2014

I have a hobby I very much enjoy. It's also a hobby that can be bad for me. It sucks when things you love are bad for you. This particular thing is a huge creative outlet, but it's on social media and it's just not always a positive thing. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in expectations there and just the ugly of it that it becomes toxic. I had cut back my time spent there drastically for months and regret getting sucked back in on some levels. Not all, because I have some amazing friends there. But, when a hobby starts to stress you out and you realize your judgement has turned to crap, it's time for a change.

The other thing on my mind is the whole paying it forward thing I wrote about recently. All the comments for my giveaway over on that post are making my heart soar. Kindness is so amazing. It blesses others and blesses you. I've been doing a few small things here and there the past little while and it's been so awesome! Being the reason someone smiles is a great feeling. You never know when a small act can turn around someone's whole day. Seeing what my readers have done for other people just gets me pumped with positivity. I am really loving hearing from you all about how you pass on kindness. 

So, the two things I discussed above got me to thinking and I have decided something. For the month of May, the hobby is shelved. I haven't told anyone this yet, well I'm telling y'all here and now. Anyone who truly needs to know it is going to see this post anyway. Anyway, if I want to write, there are a zillion different ways to do it. If I want to indulge in "me" time, which is what dabbling there always is, I can do roughly a thousand different things. Maybe my focus will switch to getting this blog fixed up the way I want it. Or finishing reading Battlefield of the Mind. Or the other books stacked on my nightstand. Maybe I'll exercise more. Who knows. All I know is the time I spent there is now time I hope to fill with positivity. Sometimes you've got to just do you and what's best for you. That's the idea I'm rolling with here. I'm embracing the positive! 

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