I got sunshine in a bag...

06 May 2014
Actually, I sent sunshine in a bag. It's not a lot, but I put together a little something to send to a friend to let her know she was in my thoughts. Since the idea is sunshine to brighten a day up, I used yellow, orange, gold... you get the idea.

This bag was made up of:
  • A small gold, glittery make up bag
  • lemonade packets to add to bottled water
  • lemon ginger tea bags
  • small Slim Jim
  • handful of butterscotch candies
  • package of Juicy Fruit gum
  • snack size Butterfinger candy bar
  • Mallo Cup
  • yellow highlighter
  • there was also a sunshine shaped note I forgot to get a pic of
It's not a lot, but enough to lift someone's spirits. The whole thing weighed in under 13 ounces, so you could put stamps on it and toss it in the mailbox to mail without a trip to the post office. I'm thinking this cost about $3 to send. 

I love getting "happy mail", but have discovered I love sending it even more! You never know when a small gesture will completely turn a day around for someone. There's nothing like spreading a little sunshine! 

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