I want to eat, eat, eat!

01 August 2014
Steaks on a grill
Steaks on a grill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Apples and bananas! Sorry, I had an overwhelming urge to keep singing this song. I sing it a lot at work during mealtimes. That and a rocking version of Single Ladies revamped to say single babies. Ah, nanny life. Anyway, since my teeth have all decided to crumble and the first round of extractions has been done, I keep thinking of all the things I wish I could eat. It's a long list. It's funny how you crave things you cannot have. Since food is big time on the brain, I bring you the current stars of my food dreams.

  1. Steak. A big, rare juice one. This is my biggest wish so far. Perfect pan seared steak? Yes. Please. 
  2. Kentucky Hot Brown Bake. I truthfully don't even really know what this is, but a friend of mine made one and shared the recipe the other day, and I've wanted to stuff my face with it ever since. It looks delicious! 
  3. Fried chicken. Crispy, juicy comfort food. If I thought there was any way in the world I could chew it, I'd make this perfect fried chicken immediately. It makes me drool. 
  4. Salad. I want a huge salad full of fresh veggies, all crispy and beautiful. This is something that's been difficult for me to eat for months. I miss it so. The salad I would love to have is a chef salad from The Pizza Company in Brownwood, TX. It's honestly one of my favorite foods EVER. I have no clue why it's so good, but it is. Since I'm nowhere close to Brownwood and am not sure this place is even open anymore, I guess I'll have to find a new salad to love. I would love to try this avocado bacon chef salad
  5. Tacos! I want Taco Bell tacos, fish tacos, pork tacos, shrimp tacos! I also really want to try these baked tacos
I have no clue what the point of this post was. Maybe to make your mouth water like mine has been. I am so ready for this dental nightmare to be over so I can eat again. Until then it's liquids and a soft diet. At least I'm losing a few pounds. 

If you had no teeth, what foods do you think you'd crave most? 

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