I wish to blow the negativity away!

11 August 2014
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Lately I realize I hang on to grudges more than I ever would have believed. I am going to blame my Capricorn stubbornness for this. I think it's genetic too, but that's a whole other post. What I'm learning about grudges and my in general poor attitude about certain things is it's really difficult to be happy and peaceful when you are pissy about something. And no, this is not a post about being hacked off at someone, don't go all crazy on my Facebook. This post is a result of a LOT of not so great events crammed into a tiny window of time which left me feeling way more growly and out of sorts than I prefer. That's it. 

This means one thing. Let. It. Go. Three simple little words. If only it was simple to put into practice. Why can't I just let go instead of stewing on stuff until it drives me bonkers? I don't know, but I wish I was one of those people that could just toss away negative thoughts, breathe in, and move on. You people who can do that rock!  I can journal about it, talk about it, pray about it, but very rarely does it go away life I want it to. The end result is far from peaceful, it's more a constant state of gut churning and forced smiles. It drains my happy and makes my brain malfunction.

Instead of letting it go I have to analyze why, how, what could have been done differently, and beat it to death. I even have a friend I generally beat things to death with, especially lately. She and I are masters are pretending everything is fine. We are fine. We both pretend too hard sometimes. We are both Capricorns. Anyway, what we end up with is a lot of pretended to be fine when inside we go from fine to a wreck in .06 seconds, which could make anyone near us think we have perpetual PMS. Now there's a pleasant thought. 

Now that I've spent entirely too much time going on about how I spend entirely too much time beating things to death, what now? Well, my goal for the week is to actually LET IT GO. It can be done, I just have to remember a few things.
  • It's okay to feel it. Sadness, anger, bitterness, whatever the emotion, it's okay to fully feel it. 
  • It's okay to vent about it to, just not forever. Rant, rage, scream, or whatever, it's cool and can make you feel better. But, doing this for all eternity isn't the best plan.
  • So, once I'm done throwing a fit and feeling and possibly wallowing it's time to put the negativity in it's place. This is the let it go part. I've read all sorts of stuff from imagining throwing a ball away to scream to the heavens that you forsake the negativity. I'm leaning toward putting all my negative thoughts into a letter then torching it. Wait, maybe I shouldn't set things aflame. Anyway, still leaning toward writing it all out. 
  • Most importantly I need to remember that negativity is poison. Whether we are talking general negative thoughts and bad moods or all out bitterness toward another person, it's not doing us any favors. Anger hurts us, not the person or situation we are angry about. Giving it the shaft is truly a gift to ourselves. With it comes peace. 
How do y'all deal with negative thoughts and emotions? Are you one of the lucky ones who can just dropkick those things or are you like me and cling for no reason? I'm curious about this. 

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