Survivng Snow Day

19 January 2018

Everyone loves a snow day! Well, kids definitely do. Mom and dad? Maybe not. The kids are home, your schedule is thrown off, and the worse part: it's too cold to go outside! Or maybe they've been outside already, and now they're just kind of.... around, (and under foot). As a mom, trust me, I get it. So, here are some ideas, to keep the kids entertained, and your sanity safe. First, you'll need yummy snacks! Most kids love to feel like a grown-up, and help in the kitchen (until it's time to clean up, of course), so here is a really great link, for 3 ingredient recipes, that you can make with the kids.

 Another idea for snacks, that my own children love, is making their own personal pizzas. I like to buy packages of pita bread, which are perfect size for personal pizzas; then you can add small bowls of toppings, such as: pepperoni, crumbled and pre-cooked sausage, cheese, black olives, and whatever else your family loves on pizza. Then, allow each child to create their own edible masterpiece. Now that snacks are out of the way, let's move on to activities. Depending on your level of noise/chaos tolerance, here are four of my personal favorite ideas.

  • Quieter activity - Puppet show! Whether you have paper lunch sacks, a basket of old socks with no mates, or what have you; you can set the kids down with yarn, buttons, markers, whatever you have on hand, that will work to create faces for your puppets, and put on a show for each other.
  • A Little Bit Louder - A twist on charades - My kids and I like to act out scenes from our favorite family movies, and let the others guess. First to guess it right, is the next one up! (A game that is along the same lines as this, is Heads Up, which is another family favorite of ours.) No matter which game you choose, or how you play it, family games like these, can be a great way to spend an afternoon, while still being a bit active, and allowing yourselves to be a little silly!
  • A Little Bit Louder Now - If your family members can laugh at yourselves, a great game is family dress-up impersonation. What I mean is, you and your family take turns, dressing like another member of the family, and put on a sort of improv show, acting as each other. (Be sure that each person knows to keep it kind, and respectful.) This is a great way to poke a little innocent fun at each other, while also laughing at ourselves.
  • SHOUT! - Finally, if you really want to turn your day in, into a party: have one! Make a refreshment table (using the snacks you've made together) and clear the living room floor, for a family dance party! You can even add a little more fun, by pausing the music at different intervals, and having freeze dance! When the music stops, each person has to freeze in place, immediately. It can make for some really funny poses, and great family fun. Plus, by the end, everyone just might be ready for a nap, and then it's quiet/alone time!
These are just a few ideas to keep the kiddos entertained and, maybe keep you from losing your sanity, on the next snow day that comes your way! What are your go-to ideas for surviving snow day?

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