Game On: New Twists on Old Favorites

02 February 2018
Many people spend a lot more time indoors, when winter hits; or there is just a string of bad weather days. For times like those, it's a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve, to keep your family from getting cabin fever. One idea that I've come across, is putting new/creative spins on old board games. Chances are, you have at least a few of these already, so this idea could actually be completely free! Below are some examples, you could try. Monopoly: Switch this game up, with Monopoly Dare! The rules are simple; play just like always, but when someone lands on your property; and therefore owes you rent; you can give them the choice of paying the rent, or accepting a dare of your creation. This will get more fun, as the game goes on, and everyone's bank pile dwindles. Extra fun: when someone lands on "Free Parking", they get to challenge the person to their right to a dare, that the person cannot refuse. On the flip side of that: if someone is sent to jail, the person to their right, challenges them to a dare, that they cannot refuse. This can result in some great family fun, and lots of laughs! Scrabble: Played just like classic Scrabble, except you can mix it up, by only using names of people you know; movie/TV/television show titles; book titles/characters, and so on. Trivial Pursuit: This game is not for everyone, and the reason for that is simply because, well, it's not easy. We all have that one (or three) category that we absolutely dread, because we are just not good at it. But, you can easily make it more fun, and a lot more easy, for you and your kids to play. Cut up pieces of paper, stock card, or cardboard, to make your own cards, for each category. Then, write questions that your family, specifically, will know the answer to. For example: (Geography) Where did we go on our last family vacation?; Or (Entertainment) Which TV show does Mom love to watch the most? The most important thing, is have fun! See if you can come up with your own ideas, or ask the children for help. Creating your own family game, can be a great activity, in itself.

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