What I Know NOW About Motherhood

07 May 2008
This is such an interesting topic. One could go many different directions with this because you learn lots very quickly once you become a mother. But, the post below is the first thing that I thought of.

What I know now about motherhood is that it is the biggest emotional roller coaster one could ever ride. Not only that, but I didn't know what emotions really were until I became a mom.
Now I know...
I know what joy is..pure joy. It is lots of things, starting with that first little butterfly wing type movement in your belly. Then that amazing moment when you hear the first cry. Joy is the first time you touch the face of your tiny miracle. Later, joy is seeing the look of happiness on the face of your child. I am constantly rediscovering what joy is.

I also now know what real pain is. Who knew that another person's hurt could cut you like a knife? It can and does...be it from a skinned knee or the school bully's constant teasing. Your heart aches when your babies hurt.

Fear is real now too. You feel it when you are waiting for the doctor's office to call you with test results or when you only look away for a moment and your child has vanished. It is an excruciatingly awful feeling, words cannot describe it. I never knew real fear until I held the title of Mama.

The emotions a mom experiences daily can go from one extreme to the other, but no matter what it makes you feel remember it's the most important job you'll ever have.

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