26 September 2008

photo by sean mcgrath

Warning: What follows is a ramble from a stressed out housewife. Read at your own risk!

I've been in funky lately. The best way to explain it would be that I'm just feeling overwhelmed and down. I have so many things to do in an average day and no clue where to start. Of course I have to keep the house clean, clothes washed, make the meals, be the best wife/mom I can be, you know all the normal stuff. But then there's more.

This house. Wow! It always needs something, be it painting , rewiring, etc. I feel like it will never be finished. It will be "in progress" forever! There is not one room that is pulled together completely. The kids' rooms are close, just not quite there. The living room got it's first coat over paint last night, it's been primed but not painted for weeks. We still have a back room full of unpacked boxes because the places the stuff in them goes are not ready to be used. It's so frustrating! There is just not enough time or money, so we have several "started" projects, yet nothing finished. I am hoping to have the kids rooms and living room completely painted and put together again this weekend.

Finances. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks a lot about this lately. I've been doing everything I can think of to bring some more cash flow into the house. I've been using Ebay, GPT sites, writing for Associated Content, etc. We are having a garage sell with the neighbors next weekend, so I'm getting ready for that. There just never seems to be enough. I really want to earn some extra money for the upcoming holidays, but all extra cash seems to go to the unexpected, like a blown out tire or other life mishap. Life happens.

So, then I get depressed about money, and this is the best part, I let my couponing slide. Makes perfect sense right? You are depressed about lack of funds, so spend more money! I know it is nuts, but that's what seems to happen. I am just happy I've realized what was happening there and snapped out of it this time. I have to stretch every cent we have as far as possible or we will not make it. I cannot stop paying attention or get in a frugal funk or it makes for REAL hard times. Coupons equal free money and we would be sunk without them.

The great housewife equals slave dilemma. I love being a housewife, but I am not a slave or servant. I firmly believe ever member of my family can put their dirty clothes in the hamper and pick up after themselves. Sadly, I seem to be the only one who thinks so. Since I tend to do a lot for DH, the kids seem to think I should treat them the same way. I staged a coup this week, and it has helped. I cooked, did laundry and dishes, cleaned the bathroom and common areas. I went through the living room, entry way, etc with a basket for us and one for the kids. Everything that is theirs was put in the basket and sat just inside their room. I put away our things, and completely cleaned and organized our room. Since I did that, DH has taken care of his dirty clothes and general picked up after himself....yesssss! To be honest the kids room still leaves much to be desired, but they are doing better. Giving them some incentive with this has helped A LOT. So maybe we are beginning to grasp that wife/mom does not mean servant who waits on you hand and foot.

So, as you can tell, I've been a wee bit stressed lately. Then this morning I decide to give myself half an hour with a cup of coffee and read some of my favorite blogs. I am so glad I did! I found this great post over at Biblical Womanhood and I feel so much better now! I wasn't putting Him first or listening to Him either. That was why stress and worrying and hurrying were taking over. So, thanks for opening my eyes Crystal. I just need to get my priorities straightened out and it'll be fine. I can't do it all on my own, but I can rest in the Lord.


Wep said...

Hang in there....I think we all have moments like these!

Unknown said...

Nessa, really sorry to hear you're on a downer. Hang tight in there.
There is a daddy blogger I read that is in a similar 'funk' - you might want to compare notes:


Unknown said...

You are definitely not alone. We all feel this way at one time or another. Thank God that it passes! (literally!lol)

lynette355 said...

Nessa, I pray your feeling better soon. This "crude" we all have is not making it any easier. Well if you don't get dinner up send the family across the street. Have fixings for all kinds of pizza. Spinach & Alfredo sauce
Bacon, Onion and Black Olive
Pepperoni & Bell Pepper
Canadian Bacon & Green Olives
Breakfast Pizza with Sausage, Egg & Cheese (no sauce)
Tomato & Mushroom
Hope those sound good. I'll start making them around 5 pm.

Unknown said...

Glad to know my family isn't the only one who treats mom like a slave.. we all get in this funk. Good for you..standing up for yourself!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

A little let on this one...but I have been feeling kinda overwhelmed too...