Tuna: Frugal & Versatile

18 September 2008
Tuna 20 Ways

My neighbor Lenore gave me this article out of the paper awhile back and I loved it. I knew that tuna is a frugal pantry staple, but I honestly didn't realize you could do so much with it. We were stuck in a tuna rut - tuna salad and tuna helper are pretty much all we do. I was thrilled to discover some new recipes that the family really likes! We enjoyed the tuna, spaghetti, & lemon, the tuna melt, and all the different things that were stuffed with tuna. So check out Tuna 20 Ways and you might just find a new favorite for your family. I'd love to know what some of your frugal tuna recipes are! Please share any and all of your tuna dishes in the comment section.

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Becky said...

I like tuna! I wish my family would eat it!!