My Stubborn Mother

16 January 2009
My mother never comes to visit. She has told us several times during the fall that she was going to come spend the weekend so she could be with her grand kids, but she always calls it off. First it was Halloween weekend, then Tristen's birthday. I don't even invite her anymore. It is not worth getting the kids hopes up just to have them be disappointed again. It makes me really sad.

Over the years, Mom has used various excuses as to why she cannot come spend some time with us. Her latest one is that she has sleep apnea. I know that there are lots of people with this problem, yet they still manage to travel. Those little machines they wear at night can be transported. Yet, my mom refuses to do it. Her reason? We do not have an outlet close enough to our hide-a-bed to plug the machine into. I'm serious, that is her reason. It drives me crazy!

Anyway, being a concerned daughter, I read up on sleep apnea, to understand what exactly it is. Boy was I shocked to find out that it isn't this debilitating illness she'd made it out to be. I found lots of information and tried to share it with her. I've suggested trying to lose weight, sleeping on her side, seeing a different doctor for alternative treatments, and many more things. I think it all goes in one ear and out the other. I've decided that if she chooses to treat a completely treatable disorder as a fatal illness, that's her choice not mine. It's her own life she is limiting by behaving this way. I just think it's sad that she carries on so about something that can be helped instead of living life to the fullest. Sleep apnea is completely treatable!

But, my mom has always been one of those types of people who thinks they know everything. She just knows this is going to kill her. Guess she will never be overnighting with us again. Oh well.

SAVING is good.


Wep said...

UGH I have the same problem. This time it's migraines and sinus issues. Hang in there, I know how you must be feeling :(

lynette355 said...

Hey get a heater in the living room and I will spend the night with you! We can do popcorn, movies, chocolate. Invite all of blog-ville. Have a regular hum-dinger!

Confused in NC said...

I thought that only my family was like that... I'm so glad I found you!! Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Moms can certainly be a challenge. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. I like your writing style.