She's Thelma, I'm Louise

07 January 2009

Last night my pal Lenore took me along to run errands with her. We did really fun stuff like wiring money and depositing money at the bank. I know, we are such wild women!

It was on the way to the bank that we passed a police cruiser who ended up turning around and hitting his lights. At this point we thought he'd flipped around to chase someone else. Wrong.

We are behind the bank when we see those flashing red and blue lights behind us. Lenore stops her car and rolls down the window. This big ole boy policeman (with an adorable dimple) comes over and asks why we are behind the bank. Lenore tells him we were driving around to the night deposit slot at the bank. This policeman then tells us he thought we were trying to evade him, then takes a deep breath "Breath in, breathe out" trying to calm himself down. No, I'm not kidding he really did say that, with his hands out trying to calm himself down. It was so ridiculously funny, this big ole boy policeman scared by us frumpy housewives. The way he reacted was so funny. Anyway, turns out Lenore's ride doesn't have a front license plate, which is required by Texas state law. At some point during her handing over her license and such, I caught a glimpse of someone standing outside my window and screamed, which in turn made the poor guy jump and Lenore crack up laughing. She knew he was there, but I didn't. It was pretty funny I'll admit and the guy on my side looked a LOT like Dale Jr. which was nice. Anyway, the policeman is doing whatever it is they do with your license, I suppose finding out if we were wanted renegades, and Lenore is filling out her bank deposit information. Since we aren't wanted women, Lenore gets a warning, they leave, and we make her deposit.

Keep in mind that we live in a small town, half of which listens to their police scanners 24/7 for entertainment. I'm sure we were quite a sensation last night! Renegade desperate housewives evading local police, lol! We sure have fun together!

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lynette355 said...

It is amazing what happens with us. And we don't even try.
Now I am an instant mom of 4 more.
Wow that was the fastest in history.
Thanks for all your help!
Partner in crime.