Here Kitty, Kitty

10 February 2009
I had an email asking me about the new litter box, so I thought I'd post an update. Things are going well so far. Both cats have adjusted well to the change, so I am happy. I haven't found any accidents anywhere and they are leaving the plants alone, which is something I was concerned about. As I had hoped, the dogs are now leaving the littler box alone. They had started backing off the litter box raids after I switched to Feline Pine litter, but are now completely leaving it alone.

And to answer another question, the litter I use is Feline Pine. It comes in these compact pellet looking things that break down as the cat uses it's litter box. A small bag lasts us a month, is costing us less than the clumping litter I was buying, and doesn't bother my allergies like some litters tend to. The smell is a fresh pine sent, it's easy to scoop, and the cats seem to like it. The only draw back is the "saw dust" the cats tend to kick up, but that's no different than them scattering regular litter all over. Thank goodness the new box keeps everything contained.

So, this box seems to have worked well for our needs. I am very happy! Solving a problem and saving money while doing it rocks!

SAVING is good.

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lynette355 said...

ummmmm,, hummmmmmmmmmmm, some different comments.

sounds like the new box is working