Four Foods on Friday

24 April 2009
I am working at a friend's antique store today while she is at a funeral. It is so slow and I am bored! So, I went on a search for a fun Friday meme to occupy a bit of my time. I found one that is right up my alley!

Four Foods on Friday over at Fun, Crafts, and Recipes! This is a great blog and I will be visiting it often. Why not click on over, explore, and join the meme as well?

Here We Go:
#1. What’s your favorite flavor of yogurt?
I am not a huge yogurt fan. I do enjoy peach, strawberry shortcake, and apple turnover flavors.
#2. Got a recipe for a smoothie?
Yep! I love this banana oatmeal smoothie!
#3. Got a recipe for split pea soup?
Icky! No, I sure don't. Makes me think of The Exorcist. Yuck!
#4. What’s your favorite kind of pudding?
Chocolate, but I much prefer the cook and serve variety to instant. Warm chocolate pudding rocks!

So, there you have it. Four foodie things you didn't know about me before! :-)


blueyes said...

LOL now that's one image I could've done without ever again.

corrin said...

Hmm...I might have to rethink my love for split pea soup. I've never seen The Exorcist.

valmg said...

Apple turnover yogurt sounds VERY interesting. I've never seen that.
Yech on the Exorcist image.
Thanks for playing FFOF!