So Not Liking Bank of America Right Now

03 April 2009
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I am not happy with our bank.

We have $105 in NSF fees. I will freely admit that I messed up and mis-added something, so one $35 NSF is completely legit. But, the other two are soooo not cool. Apparently, Bank of America pushes through your most expensive account debit first. Customer service explained to me that this was so in case the check was like your mortgage payment, it would be paid before say a $5 debit to McDonald's. I think that's a bunch of bologna! By pushing threw the most expensive check first, they caused the two smaller ones to bounce as well. Had the two smaller ones went threw first, I'd only be out one fee instead of three. I told customer service this was ridiculous. Of course they'd rather charge me $35x3 instead of just once...they want to make money. Worse yet, this whole mess is because they process withdrawals before deposits, unlike any bank I've ever dealt with before! It seems so wrong to me! The money was there, they just did the debits before the deposits! I could almost get over that part of it, and admit I owe them for one NSF fee, but the three I feel is completely unnecessary! It really strikes me as them taking advantage of the situation. Imagine that, a bank thinking of themselves before the customers. It sure has made this mama mad! Paying that much in fees makes me sick to my stomach, especially since I feel that only one is a legitimate fee. Long story short, I think we'll be looking for a new bank!

Sorry, for the rant. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam! :-)


jenifer said...

We had a similar situation with BOA a few years ago, and I promptly got rid of them. I switched to small local hometown bank. No, they don't have ATM deposit and yes the cut off is 2 pm for deposits, but it was sooo worth it.

Nessa said...

I dont like BOA eithier, i've had too many issues with them..and i work at a bank!! Grr.. Join a smaller local one, customer service, financial security, and compassion tend to be ALOT higher than BOA.

50s Housewife said...

I don't blame you. I would be mad too. We use a local bank and the people are so nice and easy to work with. We even earn interest on our checking and have online bill pay.

Bekah said...

I worked for a bank for a while, and we had this problem quite often. Unfortunately I think most banks do process debits before credits, and this confused the heck out of customers. Unlike BOA though, we usually refunded the NSF charges unless the customer chronically floated checks. Did cust. service refuse to refund, or can you maybe talk to someone higher up, explain that you honestly did not know their debit/credit process and maybe get at least one of them refunded?

Also..can you sign up for overdraft protection in the future? Where, if you accidently overdraw your checking acct, it draws from a savings acct you link to it? This has litereally saved me hundreds since I always manage to jack up my check ledger.

Sorry you get hit with those! That sucks!