Huge News & Weekend Recap

05 May 2009
This weekend was so jam packed with activity, that things are just now settling down around here! It was fun, but I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the weekend, lol!

First, neighbor, pal, and fellow blogger Lynette invited the Crazee Scotts down for her Clairol Houseparty. It was great to meet up with a bloggy friend in real life! Unfortunately, her husband was unexpectedly called into work Saturday morning, so they missed the party they came down to attend. But, we had a great Friday night visiting with them and playing hand & foot. Grandma and I killed them! It was so fun! I hope to be able to visit with the Scotts the next time we trek up to the in laws' house.

Saturday was the Clairol Houseparty and I attempted to color my hair ash blond. That is not how it turned out! I am now a strawberry blond and I go back and forth about whether or not I like it. But, I'm stuck with it for awhile. Lynette was a great hostess as always, throwing a BBQ, and having friends and family in and out all weekend really.

Sunday was our anniversary. We didn't get to take the trip we had hoped, but we still had a great time. Again, we were back and forth from the neighbor's all day. It's almost like we are the same family in two different houses. I cooked up a storm and shared it with the whole crowd. John and Lynette bought us a cheesecake for our special day. It was a wonderful day and sharing it with such great friends made it even better. We are so blessed!

Now, I have some fabulous, amazing, wonderful news! I am now the food columnist for Homemaker Barbi! I am beyond thrilled about this amazing opportunity! I hope you will all come visit me over there. I of course will still be rambling on here, as usual. Click here to read all about my big news!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

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