All The Lovely Dresses

05 May 2009
Prom season is upon and so starts the search for the perfect dress. Young ladies across the country will be scouring shops to find the perfect dress for their big night. If you are shopping for prom or any type of formal dresses, you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be.

I found this beautiful white formal that makes me think of classic Hollywood. It's beautiful, classic, and elegant, all things I looked for when prom shopping. Sadly, when I went to prom, I could not find anything as cute as this little number.

In all honesty, I didn't go to prom. Dan and I went to dinner at a local steak house, then just hung out with friends. Missing prom is something I've always regretted. I feel so bad for all these girls who will not be able to go to prom due to swine flu cancellation. It is so sad to miss this right of passage and I do hope they reschedule these canceled events.

As an adult, I love this time of year. Prom night is the best night to go out to eat in my opinion. I love to watch all the happy couples, admire all the lovely gowns, and reminisce about being young. I've gotten Ashley hooked on it too, as she now loves to check out all the dresses and dream of her own prom night.

Tell me about your prom dress? Any wild prom night stories to share?

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Crazee Juls said...

Big D and I went to two proms... The first I wore a long white "conservative" dress. It was beautiful and probably my favorite. The second--I wore a more "appropriate" for dating for more than a year dress. AKA hoochie mama. It was black, short, showed cleavage....

Hmm, I guess we were pretty boring--nothing really WILD and Crazee Happened for once. :)...just dancing & fun.