Shopping for Webhosting

06 May 2009
Once again I am researching webhosting. I do not know the first thing about it, so am trying to find as much information as possible. Does this kind of stuff confuse anyone other than myself?

This site overs the customer rated top ten webhosting companies list. I really value what other people think, so this is quite helpful. I also found quite a bit of helpful information about domain names. The site is very user friendly, full of information, and quite helpful. If you are looking for a new webhosting service, this might be a good resource to explore.

I just wish I understood all this better. I've been told over and over to get a custom domain for my blogs. But, I like blogger because it's free and it is simple enough for me to use it without too much frustration. I have it in my head that having my own domain would be to complicated for me to do. I am also concerned about losing page rank of I switch. But, I do like the idea of getting rid of the blogspot part of my address. I still go back and forth on this.

What do my wonderful readers think? What are the pros and cons of moving from Blogger? All input is greatly appreciated.

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Unknown said...

What is best for others may not be best for you. You have to do what is comfortable.