Frugal First Aid

30 June 2009

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As I wrote yesterday, Sunday I burnt my hand pretty good grabbing a hot skillet handle. After muttering nonsense and hopping around the kitchen, I dashed outside and grabbed an aloe vera leaf, smearing my whole hand with it's soothing goodness. My wonderful neighbor Marge had huge aloe vera plants that she replanted. When she did this, they removed 48 baby plants. She gave me one of these plants and I am so glad she did so! I am completely convinced that the aloe vera, both the plant I used and the bottled gel I later slathered on it, is what kept my hand from blistering very badly. It helped more than I can say!

When we first moved here, Dan burned himself quite badly and I drove all over town trying to find aloe vera gel or something to put on his arm. I totally missed the huge aloe vera plants just across the street! I ended up spending quite a bit of money on an ointment that didn't work nearly as well as aloe vera would have. I sure learned my lesson!

Aloe vera grows well in the house, but will grow faster outdoors. Keep it away from direct sunlight or the leaves will dry up and turn brown. Kept out of direct sun and watered once a week they grow quite nicely. Be sure there is a good drainage hole if it is planted in a pot. Cut leaves only when needed. You can store a cut leaf in a plastic baggie in the refrigerator and it will stay good for days. chilled aloe vera is quite soothing on hot skin.My grandmother kept an aloe vera plant in her kitchen windowsill for many years. This is a great spot for one as they get sun light, you can remember to water them if you see them all the time, and the kitchen is where a lot of accidents happen so it's handy when you need it. I really like aloe vera because I do not have a green thumb but have managed to keep mine alive.

Aloe vera has many uses. It is good for burns, sun burns, skin irritations, cuts, psoriasis, scrapes, insect bites, and so on. I've even been told it will help soothe the searing pain of the shingles. It is a great plant to have around for first aid usage. It is much less expensive than buying countless ointments and creams. Plus, it just keeps on growing and you never run out. How frugal is that?!

I think every home needs one of these wonderful plants. You get a houseplant, decoration, and ointment all in one. I like to give good size plants to newlyweds or those just setting up housekeeping. Just find a good sized plant, place it in a pretty pot, wrap with a decorative bow or ribbon, and there you go! Everyone I've gifted one to has been really pleased with it.

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Unknown said...

I love my aloevera, and it has saved my butt on more than one occasion. It has been a lifesaver on sunburns this summer too.

LVLC said...

Aloe Vera or "Sabila" in spanish is my TOP home remedy for everything!
In my blog, you can search on Natural Remedies for a recipe I use for colds and coughs...
My grandma taught me how to use it and she prepared her juices with it every week and when she was opening the leaves to take out the crystals she rubbed the green part's inside crystals in her arms.. She got age spots by 80! ;)