Let's Roast Some Wieners!

16 June 2009
This week we are deep cleaning the house and getting ready for our Oscar Mayer House Party. The kids cannot wait for Saturday to get here. We will enjoy hot dogs, good friends, great conversation, and just enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am sure a wild game of 42 or hand and foot will break out. I am really looking forward to it. Now if all the prep work was just magically done for me! Anyway, to those of you who are coming, we can't wait to see you!


lynette355 said...

I can't wait. I am so dying for a roasted Oscar Mayer Hotdog. Yummm!
Saving fat calories just for this.

Unknown said...

Its all fun and games until someone loses a weiner....LOL. Sorry I couldn't resist your title just cracks me up, because I alwyas say hot dog so no one thinks I am referring to body parts.