Cute Glasses on a Budget

26 July 2009

When back to school time rolls around we start thinking about supplies, clothes, and in many households glasses. Little Miss wore glasses for the longest and desperately needs a new pair now. Finding fashionable eyeglasses that don't cost a fortune can sometimes be a challenge. With her starting middle school this year, she wants more of agrown up "trendy" look. That can be hard to find when you are on a budget.

Ashley wants cute glasses, but we need to be able to buy at least two pairs, so cute often does come with a price tag we can afford. Kids are hard on glasses, so having a back up pair is pretty much a must. I cannot tell you how many pairs of glasses this child has been through. So, how do we compromise on this?

It looks Zenni Optical might be an option. They have all sorts of fashionable frames that meet with Ashley's approval. Plus, the prices meet with Mom and Dad's approval. They definitely are worth looking into. I really don't want her to have to wear glasses she hates because we can't afford ones she wants. I hate when that happens. Maybe this place is the solution to our problem.

Do you or your kids where glasses? Are price and fashion an issue with you as well? I'd love to hear how you get cute eye wear without breaking the bank.

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TexasBobbi said...

We always got mine at walmart.