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02 July 2009

No MosquitoImage by Marshall Astor - Food Pornographer via Flickr

Summer means time outdoors. Bar-b-ques, pool parties, all that jazz. Here in my neck of the woods it also means mosquitoes. They are everywhere! I can't sit and visit with my neighbors on the front porch without being eaten alive! Not only are they itchy and annoying, but getting West Nile Virus is not real high up on my to do list. I hate spraying greasy bug repellents on me and candles just don't seem to work. It sure puts a damper on outdoor activities.

We live in a very small town, so the city doesn't spray like bigger places do. We are left to fend for ourselves. I think we need a mosquito traps. That way we could be pest free and enjoy the summer months outside. It seems like a much better alternative than candles, sprays, and bug zapper thingies. I really want one of these things!

I posted last night about being covered in pink polka dots. The little rascals find there way into the house and drain all my blood while I sleep. I end up clawing myself all night long, desperate to stop the itching. One is flying up against the monitor as I type! Maybe I'll just move to the North Pole; surely they don't have them there!

Are mosquitoes a problem where you live? how do you deal with them?

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Jennifer said...

I absolutely hate mosquitos. Ugh, ugh, ugh!!! I hate how sneaky they are too. You never find a bite until they're loooong gone! *sigh* I hope the itching subsides soon!

Carmen said...

We got 'em. They are our state bird!

J.J. said...

Me don't have many at all here int the Rocky Mountains where we live. I am from TX though and don't miss them ;)
I am new to your blog :)

Mike Golch said...

Those pesky bloodsuckers seem to be every wher.