12 August 2009
Today I bring you another guest post from a talented blogger friend. Bobbi Janay is one of the nicest, most supportive folks I've had the pleasure of "meeting" in the blogsphere. Here blog is a fantastic read ans I am sure you all will enjoy her as much as I do!

Bobbi Janay is a 24 year old wife and mother who lives in Plano, Tx with her husband Casey, 6 month old son Ian, and faithful furry friend FootFoot. She is a girl from small town Texas, who woke up one day and realized holy cow when did I become a grown up? You can read more about their adventures (uninhibited, unedited, and uncut) at When did I go from a kid to a grown up? You can also find her on twitter @BobbiJanay.

While sitting in Starbucks one night it was empty except me and the staff. Then walked a family of four who were happily spending there Friday night together. They got there drinks, sat down opened a pack of cards and began playing hearts. While watching them enjoy there time together doing something as a family without technology. Listening to them reminisce and lovingly pick at each other, made me hope that in the future that my own family will become that way and my extend family will remain that way.

I grew up in a tight knit family we all lived with in 15 minutes of each other. We saw each other at least once a week. I love my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins they are some of my best friends. We are an open family where no subject was taboo (didn't mean we wouldn't argue about it), if you had a question you could ask anyone and they would try to answer it to the best of their abilities and at the level you were on.

2007 was a rough year for my family on July 2 we lost my Cousin Rusty who was only 19, who left behind a Wife and 2 babies under 2 and then at the end of October we lost my Grannie. She was the rock of our family. At that point in my life I had never been more angry or depressed. I was terrified that my family was going to fall apart. That everything I loved about my family was going to slip away, but Christmas came and we rallied together determined to come through all of the sorrow that had recently gripped our family.

Nearly two years have passed since my family was overcome with sorrow. So much has changed in the past two years five babies have joined our family. One of which was my own son Ian, it is amazing how my family has banded together to make sure the newest members see that we are as close knit and loving as ever. Even though we don't all live with in 15 minutes of each other anymore. We may not get together in person as much anymore, when we do not everyone may be able attend. We might accidental plan birthday parties, baby showers, and other family events on top of each other(true story just happened last month). But the love I grew up seeing and cherishing so much is still there. I hope to be able to show that love to Ian and let him drink it in. I want my son to grow up loving his cousins and end up being as close to them as I am to mine. I also want Ian to have the same kind of relationship with Casey and I as had with my parents, open honest two way communication. I know that having that with my parents helped turn me into the woman I am today.

I guess what I am trying to say is that family is the greatest thing a person is ever given. Even when you are at your worst, family are the ones that try to help you over come the obstacles that stand in your way. So no matter what place you are in with your family make sure they no how much you care, cause you never know what might happen in the next instance.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post. Also love that you and your family are so close

TexasBobbi said...

I hope that others will enjoy it also.

Single Mom Seeking said...

You're such a strong woman -- and amazing mama! Love the photos.

This is so true: "Even when you are at your worst, family are the ones who try to help you over come the obstacles that stand in your way."

TexasBobbi said...

Nessa, thanks for giving me a chance to tell my story on your site.

Erin said...

Lovely post on the closeness of your family. It's such an important reminder!

AngelConradie said...

Wow... your family sounds like mine! We don't live in each other's pockets but we spend a lot of time together and any event is a good reason for a family occasion!

Dian said...

Good post!