14 August 2009

I love greeting cards. I am always buying just the perfect card for that special person in my life. Then I put them away and save them for the appropriate occassion, and promptly forget where I've put them. I've had a card for my mother-in-law's birthday packed away for four years and have repeatedly forgotten about it. Just call me organizationally challenged!

But, I know how much I enjoy receiving cards, so I try really hard to remember to send them to my loved ones. Since I am so unorganized, I've found ecards to be a great option. What I don't like about ecards is that some sights can be costly and others can bombard you and the card recipient with a ton of junk email. Happily, I have found, which is a free ecards service that doesn't fill up your spam folder.

This site offers cards for every occassion. You will find free birthday ecards, halloween ecards, free christmas ecards, and more. They also have free printable cards, such as free printable birthday cards, that you can print when needed then mail or hand deliver. I know getting a greeting card brightens my day, whether it's in my mail box or my email. With this site, you can do both.

So, if you like to send ecards, but don't want to mess with registrations, fees for use, or lots of junk mail, this site might be just what you've been looking for. I myself like it and see myself using it in the future. Go check out and tell me what you think!



DoThat4U said...

hey there

i like this idea, especially since for some reason, each time i try to card shop, i have to poop immediately. i love to give and receive cards and buy them when i have the chance hoping to promptly access them at the moment of the actual occasion.

thanks for a great suggestion. also, the green color you use for your links is a little hard to read. just thought you might like to know. great color. just difficult to read without getting a little closer to the screen.

thanks again. your blog is awesome


this wo

Dian said...

This is a great suggestion, Thanks!