Fix Quix for Dinner

21 August 2009
As back to school time quickly approaches, our schedules tend to get much more hectic. Busy week nights are often filled with leaving work, rushing to sports practices, and all sorts of other activities. On nights like these fast food burgers, pizza, fried chicken, and the like are all too often what we put on the dinner table. These things are time savers, but are costly and not the healthiest dinner options.

Budding Fix Quix seem to be a great solutions to the what's for dinner conundrum. Located in the refrigerated meat section at your local grocery, these handy packs of precooked cubed meat can be thrown into salads, pasta dishes, casseroles, eggs, and more. Having precooked, cubed meat on hand drastically cuts down on prep time, allowing you to get dinner served quickly. They come in turkey, chicken, and ham varieties, so you can use whatever suits your dish best. We love the chicken or turkey tossed into a boxed pasta salad kit and the ham in dinner time omelets. They are a very versatile ingredient, so the dishes you can dream up to use them in are limitless.

Dinner is mot the only meal Fix Quix is good for. Pair them with other finger foods for a great addition to the lunch box or an afternoon snack. They are high in protein and low in fat, so they are good for the whole family. My kids love them!

Click the following link to print out a $1.00 online coupon for Fix Quix. This coupon is good only in Texas, Arizona, and St. Louis. I love coupons and I know you guys do to. I think you will enjoy this product as much as we do!



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