You Don't Hear That Everyday

21 August 2009
The other day, my pal Lynette and I were coming out of our local coffee shop when a woman jumped out of her car and ran over to us. Turns out this lady was a friend of Lynette's and they'd known each other for years. The woman asked Lynette "How do you like them?" to which Lynette replied "You definitely have some now1". I stood there trying to figure out what in the world they were talking about! They chatted for a few more minutes and it suddenly occurred to me what they were talking about.

It seems that this woman had Breast Enlargement surgery. Lynette late told me that she had been flat as a little boy, so her new breasts made quite a difference in her appearance. All I know is she was very proud of her chest, exuded self confidence, and was just thrilled with her appearance. She seemed so happy!

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The whole thing got us to talking about how we don't necessarily need enlargement surgery, but a lift sure wouldn't hurt anything. I would love to have this done, if I could afford it. I feel like I am too young to have saggy boobies. I would find the best doctor I could, no matter the distance, and have it done in a heartbeat. I've read great things about Mya Cosmetic Surgery, so that would definitely be an option if I could go wherever I wanted. I will admit that it sounds extremely painful, so that kinda makes me hesitant. I probably will n ever be able to have this procedure done, but a girl can dream can't she?


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TexasBobbi said...

My friend just had a breast reduction if you are interested I can give you her contact info and if your doctor deems necessary you can get it paid for by insurance.