I Was Born In The Wrong Decade

05 August 2009
I am pretty sure I should have been a housewife in the 40s or 50s. The f

vintage: family gathering in front of old car,...Image by freeparking via Flickr

our of us are just so old fashioned when it comes to some things. Seems we live a simple life that doesn't quite fit the current times.

Our idea of fun? A neighborhood game of 42 or hand & foot. Date night? That is dancing around the kitchen together listening to Frank Sinatra or Willie Nelson. Fancy dinner at a swanky restaurant? Not us, give us a casserole. A night out? Let's hit the lake for some fishing. A concert in the city? Nope, Dan jamming on his guitar. Tropical vacation? Let's drive to Colorado Bend State Park or hit Luckenbach. These are truly great times, memories we'll treasure forever.

Luckenbach, Texas at rush hour.Image by bill75773 via Flickr

Does that make us dull? I don't think so. We've just chosen to slow down, take it easy, and live a simpler life than most families. And it makes us closer than a lot of families I know. We talk, we spend time together, we don't take each other for granted. Sure life still gets busy, but we chose to take it sl

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ow. I wish more people did the same.

What does your family do together?

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TexasBobbi said...

I love 42, Casey (husband) jokes all the time he can't wait till Ian can count so he can teach him how to play 42.

lynette355 said...

hey yall are our fav ol folks ya know
just the others stuck in the 50's here across the street
sure would like to get a game going of some sort tonight

Stacie said...

My husband says he wishes it was the 50's when things were easier. My oldest is a teen and he doesn't want to hang out with mom and dad. My younger ones love to spend time with us. Play games, crafts, watch movies. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am following you back from Moms Blogger Club. Hope you have a great day.

Becca said...

I think it's nice when people aren't all about video games and flashy vacations, etc. My family is fairly down to earth and it works for everyone but my sister.

Carmen said...

I love your perspective. In fact, we both grew up on the farm and live in the Twin Cities, MN. We know less of what's happening in the big city than those still out on the farm. We'd rather take a walk, hike, putts in the yard, watch a good movie on TV (rare these days), etc. The night life does not call us. We'd fit into your lifestyle.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Over the summer, I have turned off the TV and have the girls using their imaginations. We read books, listen to music, play board games, etc.

I wish that everyone would go back to a Simplier Time.

Young Wife said...

I agree. It doesn't make you dull. You sound like you are happy and content. You don't need fancy or expenisve things to make you happy.
My husband and I watch movies from Netflix together or take the dog for a walk in the park. Last Thanksgiving we took a vacation with my parents and brothers. You know what we had the most fun doing? Playing board games.