My Football Fanatic

28 August 2009
Tristen loves all things football. Now, I love the game myself, but am more of a high school football kind of girl. It drives him crazy that we don't have tv for him to watch games on! So, he makes up for it by playing fantasy football. I have no idea what exactly goes on when one plays fantasy football, but he sure enjoys it.

There is a new fantasy football website called WaiverWire that looks like something Tristen would really like. It features all sorts of bells and whistles like fantasy football draft software, fantasy football news, fantasy football rankings, and access to over 100 NFL team news feeds. These features and more make the site seem extremely appealing for the fantasy football fanatic in your life.

The prices on the site range from free up to $29.99. Howe much you spend depends on what features you want to use. A $9.99 membership fee gains you the perk of having "real time" players. I am thinking a membership to the site would make an excellent gift. I know that so many men can be hard to buy gifts for, at least in my family, and this seems like a really great solution for those guys. I know Tristen would love it and I bet some of his uncles would too.

What about your guy? Is a fantasy football player?



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***Sharon*** said...

Hi! Found you via MBC and am now following!

No...thank goodness my DH is not into the fantasy football! WHEW!!!