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20 August 2009

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One of the many things I truly do not understand is Stock Trading. The whole stock market boggles my mind! Stock goes up, stock goes down. Money is made, money is lost. I do have a very general knowledge of how the stock market works, but it is very confusing and hard to follow in my opinion.

But, I have family members who absolutely love tho play the market. I say more power to them, they are obviously much brighter than I am. My uncle has an Online Broker who takes care of things for him. I get the impression that Online Trading is easy and quite convenient. I know that Uncle really enjoys the services offered by his online trading company, he talks about it a lot.

I suppose I need to study this some more. There is so much I do not understand in the world of finance. Stocks, cds, mutual funds, annuities, options; I do not have a clue what most of these things are. I suppose part of that is because we just don't have to worry about them because we don't have them. But, I do need to read up on these things. I don't like not understanding things.

Do you invest in the stock market? Trade online?


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Connie Walsh said...

I used to invest in the market. I found that when I was watching my money I had a knack for getting out near the peak. I just use the idea that while everyone is running toward some investment it is time to run the other way.

I found that I totally sucked at mutual funds. I think I thought about it like this, you make regular investments and the mutual fund goes up over time. No need to keep watch. Apparently that is not always true. I had 2 mutual funds that I operated under this thought process, over 10 years they lost about 3%. lol. Now I WATCH my money.