Something Strange In The Blogsphere

16 August 2009
I am really hoping that the Google empire is having problems today, because my blog has issues! First, I lost over 300 RSS subscribers overnight? That seems rather unlikely to me. And all the blogs I follow from my Blogger dashboard? They've disappeared! Both things have me a little panicked! I really hope they manage to fix whatever is going on. Between this and my recent Twitter fiasco, I am beginning to wonder if technology is against me. Hopefully it will all be fixed by tomorrow.

Are any of y'all having these type of problems or is it just me?

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Anonymous said...

I heard other ladies talking about the same thing with their blogs to and it fixed itself.

natalee said...

nessa.. that happened last week to me..(in nj) apparently google has been having waves of some huge virus.. all of my stuff was restored except i still cant comment on some blogs that dont have captchas..itll be ok..natalee

lynette355 said...

fixed yet?

and is that wood smoke killing your throat too?
where is it coming from?