My Secret Circle Review

01 September 2009

I was recently given the opportunity to review a very cool product called My Secret Circle. My Secret Circle is the first secure social network for tween girls. THis is a plug-and-play device that allows girls to hang out, chat, play games, share pics, and more online. Unlike MySpace and such, My Secret Circle is not a website, but a secure online world. You cannot connect on My Secret Circle without the online access key. You purchase these keys and exchange private codes to connect with your friends. I know I am probably not explaining this well, so go here and check out all the details. I was very impressed and think you will be too.

This was a great product for us to try because Ashley is always wanting to get on the computer. She does not like it one bit that we do not allow her to go on social networking sites. This was a great solution because she is not on a website, she cannot just randomly surf the internet because the nav bar is hidden when she is on, and I know she isn't going to run across any unsavory characters because it is a totally secure environment. She was absolutely thrilled when she used this the first time! She feels like she can chat and hang out and do all the stuff bigger kids do on the computer. She and her friend really enjoy themselves and us parents have peace of mind.

I believe the access keys will make great gifts for Ashley's friends, so they can all form their own Secret Circle. I am really impressed with this product and highly recommend it! Check out this video and tell me what you think.


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lynette355 said...

sounds like a safe way to hang online