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01 September 2009
Well, here we are on week two of the new school year. The kids seem to like it well enough, something I am very grateful for. We are still trying to settle into a riutine and have not quite gotten it down yet. Hopefully we will get in the groove soon.

I am struggling with time management, as I seem to have tons to do and not enough hours in the day. I do not want to disappoint people, so my answers to everyone who asks something of me lately has been yes. It doesn't matter if it's Dan, the kids, the neighbor, bloggy friends, I just say yes and try to find a way to squeeze it all in. I wouldn't say I am overwhelmed, I enjoy everything I do, I just wish the family would realize that moms need breaks too.

This week's project is the room of doom. This is a small, long & narrow room attatched to the back of our bedroom. One day we hope it will be a master bath/la

The Junk RoomImage by Steve Jenkins via Flickr

undry room/closet, but for now it is where everything goes when it doesn't have it's own place. This room scares me. I like to keep the door shut and pretend it isn't there. I may post before and after pics, but right at the moment I'd hate for y'all to see it. The pic here isn't it, but you get the idea. Anyway, Dan is off tomorrow and our goal is to clean this room out and make it usable work space for mama. I hope we get it done. I need more work space and places to organize all my stuff. My current method is to make a zillion piles on the desk, on my vanity, on chairs, etc... I'm sure you can a imagine how user friendly my piling system is. So, tomorrow we start the big dreaded tackle of the room. Wish me luck!

What do you have going on this week?


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Lynn said...

Room of doom -- I love the name! I read in a book somewhere the term "pockets of filth" -- so now when I see an area in my home I really need to de-clutter, that's the phrase that goes through my mind. (As in, "There's a pocket of filth I really need to do something about.") Good luck with your room!