Monday Morning - Cedric vs Edward

12 October 2009
No one wanted to get out of bed around here this morning. It is foggy, drizzly, chilly, and just gray. A great day for sleeping in. Too bad it's Monday. Dan and Tristen went off to work and scho

Oh Dreary DayImage by ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser via Flickr

ol. Ashley stayed home with a slight fever and sore throat.

Maybe next time she'll listen to mom when I am telling her to wear a jacket or to not stay outside very long. Dan told me yesterday I sounded like such a mom fussing about the kids being out in the crisp weather. Well, duh! Can you say I told you so? Anyway, she's bundles up watching Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, dozing on and off. BTW, did you know that Cedric on that movie looks just like Edward Cullen? Ashley was completely amazed, lol. This brought on a discussion about movie characters and who she thought was cute. I asked about poor Cedric, to which she replied her Harry Potter heart throb is George Weasley. What? Boy was I surprised. But, he's apparently much more handsome than Cedric. So, I asked her who the most handsome movie character ever was and she told me Edward, duh mom. I was amused.

I am cooking, cleaning, and trying to get some work done. It is a dreary day, so I am trying to stay busy and resist the grayness that is trying to bring me down.

Wishing you all a good, healthy, productive Monday.

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2Wired2Tired said...

Dreary day here in Cleveland too.

I like your blog. Stopping in from Mom Bloggers Follow Me Club. I'm following and looking forward to reading more.

TexasBobbi said...

That cracked me up, my chocie is Sean Connery.

Kristin said...

I'm only slightly ashamed to say that I have a thing for Edward, too! ;) Ron Weasly, however, is not my type. lol

Kaye said...

You know Cedric is Edward, right? Sorry...just stopped by your blog for the first time and thought I would mention this in case you didn't realize that it is the same guy.

Nessa said...

Yes, I know. But apparently she doesn't. I was just amused that she thinks Edward is a heart throb and Cedric not so much.