The Sausage Is On Fire!

07 October 2009
That is the first truly co

Sausages frying in pan on camping stove at Hol...Image via Wikipedia

herent thought I had this morning. I got up and I suppose was on autopilot, going through the all too familiar motions of my morning routine. I was cooking up three sausage patties for Dan's breakfast and making pimento cheese sandwiches to pack in his lunch. I looked over and the sausage, or more precisely the frying pan, was aflame. The flame died pretty much as soon as I had glanced at it.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I think a lot of us moms spend quite a bit of time on "autopilot", with nothing getting our attention unless it is out of the ordinary. I don't want to live just going through the same routine all the time. So, I guess I am sharing this because it made me stop and think about all the little, everyday things I am missing simply because I'm not paying attention. Yes, the chores need to be done, the food cooked, etc...but I am going to make time for the little things in life. Won't you stop and smell the roses with me?

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Have a great day!

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lynette355 said...

sniff sniff
gosh those smell pretty

now back to chores

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

a girl after my heart...this is how I try to live my life everyday. never know what tomorrow will bring.

Anonymous said...

I agree...sometimes we're so busy just trying to get things done that we forget to live. Thanks for the reminder!