Rue McClanahan

03 June 2010
Actress Rue McClanahan passed away today. You probably know her from her work on Maude, Mama's Family, and Golden Girls.

Rue McClanahan at a book signing for her book ...Image via Wikipedia

This leaves Betty White as the only surving member of Golden Girls. I loved the character of Blanche. This show made me think you could have amazing girlfriends to share your joys, fears, and tears with, regardless of age. Golden Girls had it right.

So, tonight I will lift a glass of wine and toast to this sassy actress with my girlfriends. Then we will share a cheesecake.


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2 comments: said...

I will be lifting my glass as well. I loved their friendship. They were all so well liked. She will be missed as are the others.

lynette355 said...

Yes a slice of cheese cake or bowl of shared ice cream to one of the golden few. Nessa you know we will be those sassy ladies one day too!