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07 September 2010

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Yesterday as I was playing on Twitter ( which I do pretty much every day while bouncing from mess to mess, I read a blog that the darling @TwilightTamara re-posted. I almost puked in my mouth. Not because I was surprised but because I started thinking about how I was going to have to fend off Mr. 4's constant pleading for the next 14 years. Its horrifying on so many levels, but first, let me explain.
 I read these two posts which echoed one another and reminded me why I used to avoid fast food much more than I do now. (12 Year Old McDonald's Hamburger Still Looking Good and Are McDonald's Hamburgers the Undead? ) To be certain, this is not a slam against McDonald's or any other fast food chain. I must admit that your Happy Meals are indeed happy and sometimes I absolutely crave a Chicken McNuggett. This is more a slam against myself and why I allow myself to be seduced by yummy fat filled, hormone injected and apparently nuclear war ready cheeseburgers. I'd like to blame the media, but I don't follow McDonald's on Twitter and I really don't watch much televisions, so that's not it. I'd like to say that its because its cheap and convenient, but that most likely not it either. Most likely, its because Mr.4 wants cheeseburgers at any given moment during the day. He wakes up. "Hey Gav, what do you want for breakfast buddy?"  "I want a breffast cheesegurger."
Lunch time! "Hey Gavi, what are you hungry for?" " I want a cheesegurger mommy.  And chocolate milk."
"I need to figure out what we should have for dinner guys." "Lets have cheesegurgers!!"

I like the irony of this picture. The bee movie is all about saving the bees for mankind.
Please understand that I do not indulge his every whim when it comes to cheeseburgers or anything else, but probably once a week, he has a cheeseburger for lunch or a breakfast cheeseburger (sausage biscuit). He is happy, I didn't have to make anything, and I'm out more money than if I would have done the Pizza Hut buffet.  I give it to him, make him get apples instead of french fries, or add green beans to the fries when we get home, and top it off with milk, not soda. I always feel like a piece of crap for a few minutes but make up for it with broccoli for dinner, unless, of course, it Friday and we order pizza. Always pizza on Friday!
Here I am, raising chickens and feebly attempting to freeze tomatoes and preserving my children's innards all at the same time.  I should take some of that energy and learn how to can something, right?  I used to buy organic milk. Its too expensive now. I used to buy organic vegetables. They are too expensive now. I used to go to the Farmer's Market every Saturday and I am going to start doing that again this Saturday. (Write that down and remind me Saturday morning please.) I wonder how I ever got to the point where the money was more important than what I was feeding my kids. Seriously, checkout the cheeseburgers...
Burger to the left, 2008. Burger to the right, 1996. Eww.
I'm not sure I can stomach that anymore, but how do I convince the hubs, let alone Mr. 4 that consuming anything that can survive in a purse for 12 years that it shouldn't be eaten. Obviously the adult should get it, but the four year old, I'm not so sure. Better yet, why is ANYONE allowed to produce, let alone serve, a food that could survive the holocaust? We laugh at Twinkies for having a 50 year shelf life and now we can add burgers to the list. I wonder what else is creeping in the stuff I'm shoving down my throat. And if they can make a burger that does that, why can't they make an eye cream that fights crows feet or make gray hairs stop growing? Its got to be some kind of preservative tactic doesn't it?
I am taking a stand as of today.( I mentioned before that I have somewhat of a conspiracy theorist and I'm sure you'll hear all about that the more you read.) I can't allow myself to regularly fall into the cheap and easy route on what is going in my family's mouths anymore. I can't raise free range chickens and organic tomatoes and eat McDonald's once or twice a week anymore. (Pizza on Fridays will remain. I will not give up my pizza on Fridays... I should, I know.) I can't keep buying hormone infused milk when there is a better option. I just need to remind myself what it will be like to live with a ten year old PMSing, over dramatic daughter as opposed to a twelve or thirteen year old PMSing, over dramatic daughter. That's two or three fewer years of drama, thank you very much! I need to get back to the good stuff.
If you were to make a change today in your diet, what would you start with? What grosses you out to the point that you can't consume it anymore? What is the hardest thing to give up?

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