Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

05 October 2010

Today is your lucky day. You didn't know that did you. You thought you would swing by Nessa's blog for a Read while you sip your afternoon tea or coffee or whatever, but that's all about to change because, TODAY, I've got a little something extra for you all. Today is My First Giveaway Day!!  You're on the edge of your seats now aren't you... and you should be. 

Remember that, I'm still an newbie at this whole blogger routine and since this is my first giveaway and I am eternally grateful to her, I feel obligated to tell you about the creator of the prize at hand. This necklace (a $25 value) was hand made by the darling Ms. Amanda Rempe. She makes all sorts of amazing creations that you can check out over at and you really should. I like her designs for their simplicity and versatility. You can put them on and leave them on with your jeans or when you're headed out for the night. I'm especially fond of the I Do necklace and wish I would have had it for my sister-in-law last weekend. 

Amanda started her business a little over a year ago and things have taken off for her. I have been privileged to watch her grow up for the past ten years and I am so proud to be able to host a give away featuring her jewelry.  On top of that, she was sweet enough to create a necklace just for this give away, and JUST FOR YOU! 

The copper disk is 18mm wide and is available on a 16" or 18" chain.

Now, how to get your entries, its simple.  You have until next Tuesday's post with Ramblings of a Texas Housewife to get your entries in, so don't wait around!! And because Nessa  generously hosts my Tuesday blog, she automatically gets 2 entries. You're falling behind already... SCOOT!
Connect back to my blog, Thoughts of an Oxymoron and follow me for 2 entries.
Tweet this give away @replying me @thetameone for 1 entry. Add @amandalynnedesigns to your tweet for 2 entries.
Check out and tell me your favorite item for 1 entry. You can post your comments under this blog post.

So, are you excited yet? You're going to love it, I know you are!  I will announce the winner next Tuesday. You can send me your address information,etc. then.

Read more from Megan over at Thoughts of an Oxymoron and be sure to come check out her column here next Tuesday!


lynette355 said...

ok here we go....seems like a monkey doing a math problem....but....
I follow you so that is 2 entries.

Tweeted: CrazedMind

@replying me, @thetameone, @amandalynnedesigns, WIN NECKLACE! AT

So tweet is worth 3 entries with all the @'s in it.

and it barely fit but did the trick.

I checked out and adore the I do, I do necklace. Especially with the pearl accent since that is special to me too.

That is now 1 more entry.

So if I add right 2 + 3 + 1 =6 entries. I bet you want me to do each one, one at a time too, don't you?

Well this lil monkey passed math and will do her best.

lynette355 said...


lynette355 said...


lynette355 said...


lynette355 said...


lynette355 said...

and last is 6.

All for