Etched... Upon My Heart: What We Learn and Why We Never Forget Review and Giveaway

22 January 2013

I've just had the pleasure of reading Etched... Upon My Heart: What We Learn and Why We Never Forget by Jill Kelly. This was one of those books where you get such an intimate look into the life of the author that you almost instantly feel that you know them. It reaches out, touches your heart, and holds onto it from beginning to end. Reading this book was a blessing.

Author Jill Kelly takes us into her life. From the struggles of her marriage to the loss of her young son due to terminal illness, each chapter shows how the hand of God moved in her life. Even during the worst of times He was etching lessons upon her heart. As she shares her life in these pages, I found myself reflecting on my own life. Personally, I've struggled with my relationship with the Lord for the past two years or so. I've been angry and sad and bitter and a slew of other emotions. There were times I was sure He had turned his back on me. But, He works in mysterious ways and I know is always with us. Recent events, including putting this book in my hands just reaffirmed my belief. As Jill recounts the struggles in her life, as well as lessons she wants to leave her daughter with, I was taken on my own introspective journey and am honestly in a better place for it.

I couldn't recommend this book more. Your heart will break at times, but it is a moving account of motherhood, loss, life, and love. I am thrilled to have on copy to share with a lucky reader! Hit up Rafflecopter below to enter!

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Unknown said...

Nessa, I am totally clueless because I was trying to answer the question to enter and couldn't find the box to type the answer. :) But I will answer here...the most important thing I want to leave my daughters with is that God is love and those that know him will never be without that love.

coleycoupons said...

i would love for them to learn that God is all they will ever need.. He will never leave them or forsake them!