Rubbing that magic lamp

31 January 2014
English: Genie lamp, oil lamp, Aladdin's lamp,...
English: Genie lamp, oil lamp, Aladdin's lamp, lamp of gin, jin, jinn, Alladin, Aladin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You know the story, rub the lamp, out pops the genie who grants your wishes. There are days I'd give just about anything to have my wishes to come true. Wishes could make my life so much easier with just a nod of a genie's head. But, it that genie popped up right now and gave you two minutes top to decide on three wishes, what would they be? That's not a lot of time and there's a lot I would like to have. I am not greedy at all, but there's only three, how do you make such a huge decision? Obviously I would stress myself out before actually making any wishes and my time would run out. If by some miracle that didn't happen, here's what mine would be.
  • A lifetime of health and true happiness for my children.
  • Financial stability. I don't need to be rich. Just money enough to pay the bills, have a modest home and car, and to fix my teeth. I don't dream all that big.
  • To live happily ever after with the ones I love. 
Simple enough, right? Dreams and wishes are good to hold onto. With any luck I can accomplish all this without a magic lamp.

What would your wishes be? 

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