What are the odds?

25 January 2014
You ever want something so badly and you thought there was no way it would ever happen? That's how I got when it came down to my current job. I went so long without  a job outside the home that when I returned to the workforce it was far more difficult than I thought it would be. I spent month after month putting in countless applications, only to be left disappointed time and again. After six months I was beyond frustrated. I thought running a household gave me a good skill set, but even Dairy Queen seemed to disagree.

Then everything changed. I got on Care.com. My profile there just sat for months and then suddenly everything changed. I had three incredibly promising interviews in one week. all three families were great, but one I just wanted to get so badly. It wasn't the highest paying of the jobs I had interviewed for, but it seemed the best fit. It also seemed the least likely. They were interviewing so many others and the family just seemed so great. I was just an ex housewife with a heart for children. I was absolutely sure I could do an amazing job for them, but it seemed impossible I'd be who they hired. The odds just did not seem in my favor.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I was offered two of the three jobs on the same day, within minutes of each other. Going with my gut, I turned down the position that paid more and said yes to the family I felt was a better fit. It's been nearly six months and I love it! Even with what seemed like not so great odds, I landed t he position that I think I was suppose to have.

What about you? When has it seemed the deck was stacked against you but things worked out to surprise you?

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