My binder and me

31 March 2008
My coupon binder and I have a love/hate relationship. When I clip my coupons and file them like I should, it is a thing of beauty. When I get behind on clipping and filing, my binder turns in to the last task I want to do.

I spent over 6 hours today working on my binder. I sorted, rearranged, clipped, and filed. I feel so much better after getting it back into good shape, but I am not yet done. I still have a whole pile of inserts I was given to sort through. I will admit to feeling somewhat overwhelmed at times today. But, then I think about how much money my time investment saves my family and it is all worth it.

I am done for today. I will continue tackling the binder tomorrow. I love seeing it all in proper order. I wonder sometimes if I have OCD. What about ya'll? Do you get an awesome sense of satisfaction when your coupons are finally organized just the way you want them?


Miriam said...

I use and LOVE my binder, too! I have it divided first into grocery categories, then stores, and finally my coupon inserts labeled by week. I have a suggestion to save you LOTS of time! I use the baseball card organizers so I can see a whole category of coupons at once. I only clip the coupons I know I will use. Then I just keep the rest of the insert intact in a page protector in the back of my binder. That way, I can check couponmom to find out what insert a particular coupon was in, and go directly there to get it. It saves me a ton of clipping and organizing. Just a thought!

Leslie said...

OCD? I think that's my middle name!

My coupons have to be in order, or shopping just doesn't make sense to me. I spend waaaayyyy too much and just feel out of whack!

I use the Couponizer, which, aside from being a little too small, works out great for me. I am intrigued by the baseball card organizers, but think that I would let myself spend way too much time sorting out my coupons if I did it that way. I know I'd want to separate coupons by manufacturer or by product.

Yes, I am a totally uncontrollable organizing mess!

My Couponizer forces me to limit my organizing efforts to separating coupons by type only. It keeps coupon OCD in check!

Have a great week!

Leslie, aka The Menu Maker Mom