Busy Friday

18 April 2008
As many of you know, I've been sick since having a tooth extracted on Tuesday. In fact, the tooth infection has had me running a fever and feeling awful for about a week, I just now have the added bonus of it hurting worse. Anyway, it has slowqed me down on my house work some. Most of the house is tolerable, but I just couldn't stand our room anymore. So, I decided to do some cleaning and with a little help did some rearranging as well.



In the first pic you will notice that those windows look into our garage. This has bothered me for ages, but I didn't think we had any extra blinds. I found these blue curtains in the linen closet, still packed in a box, so I laundered them and hung them up. The blue doesn't really match our quilt, but there is a touch of blue in the love seat, so I hope it looks okay. Even though it doesn't match perfectly, it made a big difference in the room.

The dresser is now directly across from the foot of the bed.

And here is my computer work space. THe before pic is just yucky! No woder I couldn't think straight! Under the clipboard and blank cd holder is my stash of unclipped coupon inserts. They are so helpful when stored on one's desk!

Here is the after pic. I think I can now function properly and be creative again.

I threw open all the windows in the house to air it out. Our room smelled like a sick perdson to me. After about 4 hours, the wind got up and it was pretty much unstuffy, so I closed everything back up. Then, I sliced up some lemons and an orange that were a little past their prime and simmered them on top of the stove. The whole house had a fabulous, fresh citrus smell. I highly suggest this air freshener alternative. It's all natural, thrifty, and smells great! Plus, it really lifted my spirits.

So, this was my day. I am pooped afterwards, but am so happy I accomplished this. Feeling yucky is much less of a bummer in a squeaky clean home.

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