I've Been Tagged! Budget Busters

20 April 2008
Alyssa has tagged me for a "budget buster" meme. My job is to list 5 things that bust my budget, then tag 3 blogging friends to do the same.

1. Filling up the van. The price of gas is truly scary. I realize that it's a necessary expense, but for families living paycheck to paycheck, it is causing some difficult decisions to be made. What corners do you cut to compensate fro rising gas costs?

2. DH's lunches. He does not always take his lunch with him, as he should. Sometimes he eats out and sometimes he drives home to eat with me. Neither of these are things we can really afford. We are working on this one.

3. I really like to buy clothes for the kids. Now, I don't buy expensive, name brand clothes, but the cost adds up. Even with buying things off the clearance rack, why buy them stuff they don't really need?

4. Books, I love books. I have really cut down on my spending here, as I'm blessed with a fabulous friend that sends me a big box of books every now and then. So, I read them, then take them to a local paperback exchange and trade them for new ones. But, I have to really watch myself in book stores sometimes.

5. Organizational tools are hard for me to pass up. Baskets, boxes, pen holders...all that jazz. I love it! I am constantly bringing home stuff like this, that never actually gets me as organized as I want to be. Go figure!

So, now I challenge Gina, JANE, and Abby to list their budget busters.

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Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

Thanks for playing along, Nessa! I really hope you are feeling better.

I saw Gas today for $3.43 a gallon! In Texas!