Visiting in the land of NOD & JCPenney score

08 April 2008
We came home last night after a long weekend spent with my in laws. We went to visit and celebrate my husband's birthday. It was great seeing all the family. We all had a really great time.

I didn't get the chance to do a whole lot of deal hunting. We made the garage sale rounds Saturday morning, but they weren't that great. I got little miss a really cute purse for .50, but that was my only find. My sister in law Abby took me to the mall on Sunday were I found a pair of chocolate brown cords that were originally $40; I got them for $2.97. So, that was a pretty good find. It looked like JCPenneys had quite a bit for 75% off or better, it might be worth checking out.

I also grabbed a few coupon booklets that I've been unable to find around here. My trip to the grocery store made me realize how lucky I am to have a store that double/triples. I know using coupons normally will save you money, but that double/triple policy makes a good deal an excellent one. For those in the land of no doubles, do you still do really well with your deals? I am very interested in strategies to share with my sisters.

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