The Day The Ink Made Mom Crazy

14 May 2008
My kids are responsible for sorting their laundry and cleaning out all their pockets. Sometimes my ds does his own wash but it's rare. Anyway, it seems one of my kiddos missed a black pen that was hidden an inner hidden pocket of a pair of cargo shorts. I know accidents happen, I missed it myself, but boy has it caused a mess. The pen wasn't discovered until the clothes came out of the dryer last night. I finally got the inside of the dryer cleaned up using fingernail polish remove diluted with a bit of water and lots of elbow grease. I've spent my entire morning trying to save the clothes. I've tried regular stain remover, hair spray, fingernail polish remover, dishwasher detergent, and soaked them in All and Spray and Wash all night last night. I am out of ideas. Did I mention this was a load of school clothes? Do any of you wise readers have some advice for me? I hate to give up on the kids' "good" clothes; if they were platy clothes a little ink wouldn't bother me. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Cindy Gray said...

No Comments? No wonder! Sorry to have no solutions to pass on. I have had the same experience and after scrubbing the clothes nearly thread bare, the ink held on :(

Thanks for letting me share some of my essays with you. And thanks for sharing this wonderful blog of yours with me. Have a wonderful day in the Lord.