Funtier Days Cook Off - Our Weekend

19 May 2008
On Saturday, DD and I joined our guys in Santa Anna where they'd spent the night while participating in the cook off. It was DH's first competition experience and he placed in the chicken category, so I was quite proud. He and DS seemed to have a really good time.

The library had set up a book sale right across from our cooking site, so the kids and I spent a great deal of time digging for treasures. We spent $5 on 6 bags and a huge box full of books! I was so excited! We should all have plenty to read over the summer. I had not been to a library sale in years, so this was a lot of fun for me. I highly suggest checking these sales out, as we got all sorts of books for literally pennies each!

Sunday was spent at my grandparents house feasting on leftover brisket, ribs, and chicken. We've really been enjoying our weekend visits with the family.

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