A Letter to CVS and Hershey

22 May 2008
Dear CVS & Hershey,

I am going to weigh 500 pounds and it's all your fault! CVS, why do you put candy on sale so good that I cannot pass it up? Hershey, did you have to start producing the oh so addictive Bliss bars? ECBs and chocolate together are just too much for a girl to resist! The bags of Bliss in my deep freeze are calling to me as I write this. Shame on you both!

A Shopper With a Growing Waistline

PS: CVS, please put Slim Fast on sale soon!


Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

Thank you for this much needed letter! I hope the big wigs are listening. Those bliss chocolates are positively sinful!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! I wish I had a CVS near me so I could get the deals on chocolate, well, maybe not. : )