Monday Musings: I'm FLYing!

12 May 2008
Mondays are my busiest days. Every weekend a small tornado runs through my house and I am left to survey the damage. It amazes me the damage that can take place in 72 hours!

So today I've recommitted myself to the FLY Lady system. For those of you that don't know about FLYing, I urge you to check it out! I have a control journal and everything, but the past months when I was ill I just lost track of my routines. So, today I will begin anew. I am restarting the baby steps and keeping up with the zone missions. The kids bath and bedroom are my focus this week...wish me luck!

Is housework a problem for any of ya'll? What are your household routines and chore schedules like? How do you get the rest of your family to help? I am always curious about how everyone else runs their household. I don't know why, but I am convinced everyone else is like June Cleaver while I am drowning in my mess!

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Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

I feel the same way about Monday's! I need to start FLYing too. Let us know how it goes.