I'm Back!

02 June 2008
Dear Blog Readers,

I am so sorry that I disappeared for awhile. Life took a crazy turn and left my world spinning. It was the last week of school, which is always a hectic time with award ceremonies and such. Then we found out we are moving to a different town, which naturally caused excitement and a flurry of activity. Lastly, I had an unexpected surgery to remove an irregular growth from my left shoulder blade area...this was scary and has slowed me down quite a bit as moving my left arm is very uncomfortable. So, that is why I've been missing. It's been busy, exciting, scary, and now we've come to anxious. Anxious to get lab reports back to rule out melanoma, anxious to get packing done, anxious to have this move behind us.

Thanks to all of you who sent concerned emails! It is so nice to have some many caring blogger friends. I appreciate all your prayers, concern, and support. I am truly blessed to have ya'll in my life!



Rhonda said...

Bless your heart! you certainly have more than your share of things going and I hope everything goes smoothly.

Abby said...

Glad you are back, sorry it's been so hectic and scary. I was wondering how you Dr.'s appointment went.