26 July 2008
I sold my very first item on Ebay this week. It seems that this is going to be the best way to use the kids' outgrown clothes to help finance new school clothes. I have a lot to learn though if I'm going to keep doing this.

I am in the process of learning more about figuring shipping expenses, writing really good descriptions, taking the best pics, and all the other things one needs to know when selling on Ebay. I've read some great posts on other blogs about the subject. It seems Ebay selling is a big thing with today's moms. I'd love to hear about your Ebay selling experiences.

So, my question now is, what about buying on Ebay? Is it a good idea? Both kids need some new things for school. They grow so fast! Would I be better off going to garage sales? Any input/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you have an Ebay Store or current auction going on, leave me a link so I can check out your goodies!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE e-bay! I have never sold before, but have bought several things. I have never been dissapointed with anything I have bought. I also go to yard sales all the time too...it is basically the same thing I think. Once you buy something and win you will wan't to buy more! Good luck!

Angie said...

I love Ebay. I've been using it for years. My family LOVES going yardsales. I shop a ARC Thrift store too. Can't be too frugal. ang

Becky said...

I can be of no help! I have not bought or sold there! Probably unheard of these days! I'll be reading to learn as you learn!

Rhonda said...

Since 1999, I have bought lots of things on Ebay, but never sold anything. I've bought coupons, tupperware, pampered chef, clothing, electronics, books, etc.
I've only had one problem in 200 or so purchases and Paypal took care of it and refunded my money.

Ebay advice - before you bid, check the sellers history and payment options and make sure you can do what they require.

Best wishes on your selling. I have a huge pile of DD's clothes but have not got brave enough to be a seller.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

I have bought on Ebay for many years and just started selling within the last three. Buying is very addictive so watch out! I spent the last four years trying to kick the habit and I'm doing alright now.

Always set a maximum price that you want to pay in your head. Do not go beyond that just to win the auction. I've done that many times, spurred on by the thrill of the "chase" and have regretted doing so. Have fun bidding!

How about getting a group of mothers in your neighbourhood together and doing a "swap shop" kind of thing for kids' stuff, assuming they have kids at various stages of growth?

~Babychaser~ said...

I hadn't thougth of ebaying baby/kid clothes! Great idea!